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Top Notch Cab/ Taxi Service provider in Complete Bihar
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BuddhaCab is best when it comes to providing cab/taxi service in Complete Bihar. BuddhCab network of cars across Bihar helps you to reach the desired destination with comfort and ease for any purpose.




Buddha can Patna having a very good reputation in providing of Cars/ cabs for your local use. If you are looking a car for 2-3 hours for shopping, visiting or other purposes.


Planning to go outing for full day with your family or loved ones. Just give us a call and we will be always there with most suitable cab for you for a whole day.


Monthly car rental services is best suitable for you if you use to have most frequent cabs requirements. We also offer most lucrative price for Monthly car Rental.


Buddha Cab Patna provides various cabs to pick and drop you for any point to another. We understand your needs and schedule ourselves as per your requirements.


Going for out of station? Buddha Cab Patna is having various cars and cabs with options suitable to your need. We will be also there if you are required for night stay.


Buddha Cab Patna having a wide range of luxury cars for your specific requirements. Are you looking a car for someone special, you are at the very right place

Why Choose Us In Buxar

Secured Bookings

Buddha cab Patna is very secured and authentic cab booking agency. Book cabs with us and we are committed to our services

Reliable Services

Safe and sound journey for our customer is our top priority. We assure you that you will be pleased with our reliable services

Range of Cars

City Cab Patna is well known for a wide range of fleet including Budget Cars, Sedan, Vans and Luxury Cars as per your requirements

Payment Method Flexibitlity

As we run with technologies and current trends. We accept all types of electronic payments including Credit/ Debit cards and others

Customer Service

Better Customer services is our top priority. For our customer we are open 24x7. Just give me a ring and we are there with solutions

Non Smoking and Clean

To maintain hygienic condition into our cabs we keep our cab very clean and smoking free as you will feel like your personal


The Cab service in Patna is in very nascent stage. The two major options are either hiring small car from a local tour business for a day or getting OLA.

Pros of OLA

  1. You do not have to hire for a full day.
  2. You need not carry money and spend from the virtual wallet

Cons of OLA

  1. Its not dependable, since the population is high and number of cabs very low, its quite possible that you would miss you flight or train if you are banking on booking OLA last minute (no to mention heavy traffic due to unplanned nature of the roads here)

Pros of the Hiring cab from a day

  1. Its economical if you have to travel upto 100-150 KM in a day
  2. You do not have to worry about internet connectivity to book the same.


  1. Not cost effective for short rides in the city


Our City Tarrifs


8hrs or 80 KM — Rs 1650
Extra KM Cost–  Rs 10
Extra Hour Cost– Rs 150


8hrs or 80 KM — Rs 1700
Extra KM Cost–  Rs 10
Extra Hour Cost– Rs 180

Swift Desire

8hrs or 80 KM — Rs 1850
Extra KM Cost–  Rs 12
Extra Hour Cost– Rs 200

Toyoto Etios

8hrs or 80 KM — Rs 2050
Extra KM Cost–  Rs 12
Extra Hour Cost– Rs 200


8hrs or 80 KM — Rs 2300
Extra KM Cost–  Rs 14
Extra Hour Cost– Rs 250

Toyoto Innova

8hrs or 80 KM — Rs 2400
Extra KM Cost–  Rs 15
Extra Hour Cost– Rs 250


8hrs or 80 KM — Rs 2300
Extra KM Cost–  Rs 14
Extra Hour Cost– Rs 250


8hrs or 80 KM — Rs 2300
Extra KM Cost–  Rs 14
Extra Hour Cost– Rs 250

Ways of Hiring Buddha Cab In Buxar District

  • Phone Call- You can hire Buddhacab by simply calling our customer support number, he will immediately guide and assist you the best options and availability as per your demand.
  • Whatsapp- You can Whatsapp us on CityCabPatna Number and you can get reply under 5 minutes as per your need and demand.
  • Website– You can book our service directly through our website, but it is recommended that after booking through our website, you must contact customer support.


  • The word Buxar is said to have been derived from VyaghraSar, the tiger face of Rishi Vedshira which was restored to normal after taking bath in a holy pond in Buxar which is presently known as Kawaldah Pokhara.
  • Tadkaa was killed by Ram here in Buxar. The place presently lies in Buxar town in PP Road
  • Buxar is the place where Lord Rama and Luxman received their early education and were brought up.
  •  Ahilya, the wife of Gautam Rishi was restored to normal from a stone to human form by the holy touch of lord Rama here in Buxar at a place presently known as Ahirauli.
  • The significance of Buxar is mentioned in epics such as Brahamana Purana and Varah Purana.
  • Navlakha temple, also known as Charitravan Baikunth situated near present day shamshan ghat is the place where Lord Rama is said to have completed his studies.
  •  Lord Rama is believed to have stayed at five places around Buxar. Once in a year, thousands of devotees love to visit those five places in a span of five days and they prepare and take the food that was taken by lord Rama during his stay at those places. This ritual is known as Panchkoshi parikrama